Are you a New York State resident considering a divorce? Buyer beware! As mentioned in my last blog, if your divorce is not a genuine emergency, avoid the Charon-like* divorce lawyer who will unnecessarily subject you to the tortures of the damned at your great expense.

The good news is that there are other New York divorce lawyers who take a different approach. At the initial consultation, they will explain all of the divorce process choices including mediation and collaborative law.

Instead of unnecessarily rushing off to divorce court, these peacemakers will help you make an out of court divorce settlement consistent with your reasonable needs and interests, and those of your children and spouse. Not only will such a divorce settlement save you tons of money, it will also greatly increase your chances of having a good aftermath to your divorce, which could be a priceless benefit. Think about this: how important is it for your children to know their parents do not hate each other when they attend graduations, weddings and births of grandchildren in the decades to come? How important is this for you?

Besides settling your divorce, a mediator or collaborative lawyer can provide other valuable services, including:
• helping a soon-to-married couple make a prenuptial agreement involving money and assets without negatively impacting their relationship;
• helping a married couple, who wants to save their marriage and continue living together, resolve issues by making a postnuptial agreement;
• helping a married couple considering a legal separation or divorce – who are having second thoughts about it – engage in a dialogue about the reasons for the split up and explore the possibility of saving their marriage.
• helping you resolve other types of disputes, including business matters.

* See my blog dated May 5, 2018, about divorce lawyers who resemble Charon, the mythical creature who ferried souls to the gates of Hell.

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