I’m ready for a divorce, now what?

Here are some questions to ASK YOURSELF before you choose a family law attorney, and before deciding on the approach you want the attorney to take.

If your primary goal is :

  • To protect your rights while resolving the issues reasonably and equitably?
  • To stay out of court?
  • To work out conflict with a minimum of emotional upheaval?

– you should consider selecting an attorney trained in Collaborative Law.

If your primary goal is:

  • To “win” no matter what the costs?
  • To protect your rights from a spouse who is determined to “win”?
  • To protect yourself from an abusive spouse?

– you should select an attorney who is experienced with litigation and courtroom work.

When selecting an attorney to handle a family law matter, here are some questions to ASK THE ATTORNEY in the initial consultation to see if you and a specific attorney are a good fit.

  • How many years of EXPERIENCE do you have specifically in MATRIMONIAL LAW?
  • Will YOU be doing most of the work on my case, or will an ASSOCIATE be the primary attorney?
  • What is your hourly rate? How many hours do you estimate you will need to spend on my case?

IMPORTANT: For prospective clients who are VICTIMS — or whose children are victims — of any serious ABUSE: make sure the attorney is experienced in dealing with issues of abuse and is available to take IMMEDIATE LEGAL ACTION to protect you and/or your children.