Child custody

After a four-month child custody trial, obtained child custody for a mother with a history of bipolar disorder, in treatment and in remission.

Litigation with collaboration techniques

In a litigated divorce case where the client wanted to use the collaborative process but spouse would not cooperate, was able to apply collaborative techniques to narrow the issues, contain the conflict and obtain a favorable result at trial and in defending a subsequent appeal. See article: “The Struggle to Preserve Collaborative Law Benefits when Litigating a Divorce, ” published in the Spring/Summer, 2007 edition of the Westchester Bar Journal.

Relocation litigation

Successfully argued in a three-day child custody trial that a non-custodial father was entitled to a court order restraining the custodial parent, the mother, from relocating with the child to a distant state. The court found that the relocation would interfere with the child’s regular, frequent visitation with his father and would not serve the child’s best interests. See article, “Restraining the Custodial Parent from Relocating the child to a distant domicile and depriving the Non-Custodial Parent of regular and frequent visitation,” by Arnold D. Cribari Esq., published in the May, 1988 edition of the Domestic Law Review of the Westchester County Bar Association, Family Law section.

Distributive award

Obtained a $140,000 distributive award (plus child support, maintenance and reimbursement of counsel fees) for a wife based on the husband’s enhanced earning capacity during the marriage. The wife had managed the home and two children while the husband became board-eligible as an emergency room physician.

Maintenance award

Obtained a maintenance award for a husband with recurrent major depression directing his wife to pay him $5,000/month for his support. In addition, obtained a $600,000 settlement as the husband’s fair share of the wife’s retirement funds accrued during the marriage.

Stay Order

Recently obtained a stay order from the Appellate Division Second Department restraining the enforcement of judgments pending an appeal in a divorce action.

Appeal win

Recently won appeal to Appellate Division Second Department reversing and setting aside judgments of lower court, which had awarded a $75,738.00 distributive award and $60,000.00 in counsel fees.

Served as Trial and/or Appellate Counsel in the following reported cases:

  • Zuluaga v. Diaz, 73 AD3d 760 (Second Dept., 2010)
  • Cukier v. Cukier , 54 AD3d 385 (Second Dept., 2008)
  • Madori v. Madori, 151 Misc2d 737, 573 NYS2d 553 Sup. Ct., Westchester Co., 1991)
  • Diaco v. Diaco, 278 AD2d 358, 717 NYS2d 635 (Second Dept., 2000)
  • Lee v. Fisher Hotels Inc., 130 AD2d 628, 515 NYS 2d 556 (Second Dept., 1987)
  • Pompa v. Pompa, 259 AD2d 338, 687 NYS2d 25 (First Dept., 1999)
  • Lasky V. Lasky, 216 AD2d 366, 628 NYS2d 532 (Second Dept., 1995)
  • Galotti v. Galotti, 251 AD2d 285, 672 NYS2d 924 (Second Dept., 1998)
  • Meyer v. Meyer, 88 NY2d 1062, 651 NYS2d 404 (1996)

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