Divorce Mediation Settlement for Public School Teachers About to Retire

Served as divorce mediator for couple married for over 25 years, who were both public school teachers in their early 60’s with substantial retirement assets and substantial equity in the marital home. Divorce settlement provided for equal division of these marital assets, tailored to the parties’ needs and interests. Wife got sole title to marital home (which she wanted) and in exchange, Husband got more of the retirement assets ( which he wanted). This equal division of marital assets was tax impacted so each party got 50% of the net after tax value of said assets.

Divorce Mediation for Couple with Three Children and Five Dogs

Served as divorce mediator for divorcing couple with three children, five dogs and a lot of debt even though he made $230,000.00 per year and she earned $125,000.00 per year. Divorce settlement provided Wife with primary physical custody of children, and exclusive possession of the marital home (where she lived with the children and all but one of the dogs) until youngest child obtained eighteen years of age when house would be sold and net sale proceeds equally divided. Worked with Collaborative Financial Specialist, Mary Prior, CFP, to structure Husband’s support payments to Wife to optimize tax consequences for both parties.

Divorce Mediation Settlement Held in Abeyance Until Wife Can Get Affordable Medical Insurance.

Served as divorce mediator for couple married for twenty years with one child. Husband had stable, long term employment with good family plan for health insurance through his employment, and Wife had just started her independent psychotherapy practice and was financially dependent on Husband. Helped couple reach a meeting of the minds for settlement regarding division of assets, custody and visitation, child support, maintenance and health insurance for Wife. Couple timed the execution of their Separation Agreement and Uncontested Divorce papers until Wife’s psychotherapy practice developed to the point where she could afford to obtain her own health insurance.